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TXU Energy Free Mornings & EveningsSM

  • Get free electricity when your home is the busiest.
  • Every morning and every evening, all year long.
  • From 7-10 am and 7-10 pm your electricity is free.
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Free Nights and Mornings

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“I've been with TXU Energy for years. Dependable - Yes, reliable - Yes, assisting with any problems in service or billing - ALWAYS.”

Carol C. – Fort Worth, TX

“I love MyEnergy Dashboard. I use it in conjunction with my electricity alerts. I find that I can cut down on electricity costs when needed.”

Sheila J. – Arlington, TX

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“I switched back 2 years ago. I don't regret it. I love TXU Energy, especially the cash back programs.”

William M. – Arlington, TX

“I feel secure in the company I've chosen. I've not had one issue or problem. Thanks for great service.”

Louanne R. – Skidmore, TX

“I love this service. It is very reliable. I can always count on TXU Energy.”

Angela E. – Dallas, TX

“I never expected to pay such a good price and get such a good deal with my electricity provider.”

Lauren G. – Dallas, TX

Know more. Spend less.

We make it easy.

  • Track your usage on your smartphone
  • Set up alerts and avoid surprises
  • Use our helpful tips to save even more
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Thanks for making us #1. We’ll keep working hard to bring you the service you deserve at the price you expect.

Keep it simple.

Getting a smart deal shouldn’t require an extra degree. Find a plan that makes sense for your home and a deal that would make your economics professor proud.

TXU Energy Free Mornings
& EveningsSM

TXU Energy Free NightsSM

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A little something extra, every month.

Want that feeling of getting a little extra?
Want it every month, all year long?
Choose from among TXU Energy’s several innovative energy plans designed to keep the savings rolling in.

TXU Energy Texas Choice

TXU Energy e-Saver

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Go green.

If you need to use a little more energy, we’ve got you covered with green options that fit your needs.

TXU Energy Green Select 12SM

TXU Energy GreenUpSM

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